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"After you prune your roses back and dig them up to be transplanted, do you have to put the plants into pots or how long can they survive before being planted. The reason for my question is due to my family trying to move."

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Transplanting Roses:

We think that the the trick is to protect the roots and keep them moist. You can't let them dry out at all, so putting them in a pot with some very light potting soil would be the best.

I have put roses in garbage bags to keep them damp as long at the top leaves get some light and the roots are sealed to keep the moisture in.

The very best is to arrange for the rose bushes to be moved after you move in to the new space and the holes are dug ready for the new bushes to be transplanted.

Whatever method, put a small handful of bone meal in the hole for the roots to feed and soak the newly planted bush for at least a week to minimize transplant shock. Some gardeners will prune the top stems back a little to promote growth, others will also lightly prune the roots, again to promote growth.

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