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Us humans have been using Rose Petals for hundreds of years and it continues to amaze me how varied and how useful these products are.

They have been used for more than just gift giving or smelling.

The petals from roses can be used for a variety of different things. Besides the common tasks, such as beautifying our wedding walkways or brightening up our bath tubs, others are far more unique and distinctive, such as making candles or in aroma therapy.

In the rose flower it's the petals that are the major scent secreting part, and this was originally preserved by steeping them in a fatty oil. This was used for cremes and pomades, or technically, "medicinally for infusions and confections".

It was the bloom of the Rose R.Gallica (Provins Rose) which was the prime ingredient, the petals being removed from the flower, leaving the stamens, and then the light color lower portion cut from the petal.

red rose bud opening Some fresh petals were used for confection, and others warm air dried on racks and stored for later use in medicinal concoctions.

Today these same petals are used solely to impart a pleasant smell to pharmaceuticals and various cooking recipes such as syrups, honeys, vinegars, liqueurs and sweets of various forms.

The process is not difficult. The petals from a red Damask rose, for example, could be steeped in hot water for 24 hours, strained and sugar added to make a tasty jam or syrup.

It seems like Rose lovers just love inventing and reinventing new ways to use their favorite petals, whether freshly picked from the Rose garden or purchased freeze dried.

Let show you the world of working with Rose Petals:

Making Rosary Beads

Making Petal Soap

Making Petal Jam

Making Petal Paper

Making Petal Jewelry

Making Petal Candles

Making Petal Potpourri

Making Petal Skin Creme

Rose Petal Sandwiches Anyone?

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Jacobs Coat Climbing Rose

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