Purple Roses

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Purple roses have always held a special place in the garden. Since purple was the color of royalty, purple roses have always been held in high regard.

Purple stands for enchantment… the kind where one falls in love at first sight. This makes the purple rose popular on holidays like Valentine's Day.

An even deeper meaning is permanence. While enchantment may be fleeting, a purple blossom promises that the feelings will remain forever. Purple can also represent opulence, beauty, majesty or glory. Lighter shades, like lavender tend to convey discretion and a need to proceed carefully. This color palette can convey quite a few meanings, as you can see!

Purple roses range from pale lavender to mauve to deep purple to almost a mulberry purplish-red. This provides quite a color range in the garden.

This palette was first introduced to the rose garden in the 1800s. During this century, hybrids were made from crossing the European varieties with roses from China, creating plants that bloomed repeatedly throughout the season. From there they made purple blends, as well as striped, marbled and tinged varieties.

Today, rose breeders continue to develop deeper, more vibrant colors that are even more resistant to disease and weather changes.

There are many purple varieties available for your garden today. They are available in many shades and types of roses. Here are a few that are worth checking out if you're thinking of adding a little royalty to your rose garden.


Stainless Steel

– This easy-to-care-for pale lavender rose has the classic hybrid tea rose shape as well as a strong fragrance. It is a good cut flower with long, strong stems and puts on a great show in the garden with its silvery-lavender flowers and dark green leaves.


– This large rose is a lavender hue with purple edges. It grows up to five feet tall and has a sweet fragrance. There is a classic tea rose shape to the blossoms.


Burgundy Iceberg

– This Floribunda features clusters of dark mauve/burgundy flowers. They are fragrant, almost thorn less and disease-resistant.

Barbra Streisand

– This beautiful mauve rose has a classic tea rose shape. The color is intense and the petals open gracefully. Dark green leaves frame the blossoms of this five foot tall bush.

Wild Blue Yonder

– This award-winning Floribunda is eye-catching with its clusters of ruffled red-purple petals surrounding a lavender center. A strong fragrance graces this vigorous rose. The colors deepen in cooler temperatures.


Ebb Tide

– This deep purple rose brings new meaning to purple roses. A modern rose, it has a fragrant clove scent and incredibly showy flowers that don't fade as the flower opens. Glossy green leaves provide the perfect background for these intense blossoms.

Night Owl

– This is a climbing rose with a deep mauve-burgundy color to its simple flowers. A vigorous grower, it is also disease resistant and fragrant. This rose will climb to a height of 10 to 14 feet in the air.

Midnight Blue

– Another deep purple rose with a clove fragrance, this modern rose blooms profusely all season long. Each blossom is highlighted with golden stamens and bright green leaves.

Purple Roses

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