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You Can Do It...And We Can Definitely Help.
We love gardening and we love growing roses, they are the worlds most popular flower.

What's in a rose? We all enjoy their subtle colors and soft petals. We love their fragrance and we love to receive them as a gift...especially a romantic one!

The reality is, that this stunning flower we love, not only brings such pleasure to all of us, but is also an amazing source of by-products waiting to be enjoyed, and they are so easy to grow.

You can be successful growing roses in your own garden and we are here to help you.

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Whether it's starting a new rose garden, or improving on the one you have already, we have all the support and direction you will ever need.

We can answer all your questions...make you you become a "Master Rosarian" growing roses, now isn't that a grand title!

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Roses are a 'store' full of craft materials, a 'florist' full of display and centerpiece possibilities ... a 'health store' of valuable health products and a photographers dream!

We Can Help With Every Aspect of

Growing Your Own Roses Successfully.

Choosing the right plant, planting, feeding, spraying, pruning, photographing, cutting and even making arrangements!

We have a month by month planner, a what "to-do" list, and even a section for the beginner. We have the help you's just a matter of finding it. [...and I didn't even mention the FREE books and Newsletter!]

And yes, our favorite flower has been around to please us for a long time...over 30 million years, so we have learned how to grow them correctly during this time.

Red Floribunda Rose Bush

It is said that the famous Chinese philosopher, Confucius, describes a rose garden in China as long ago as 551 B.C., and today, with over 150 species, countless hybrids and many others yet to be discovered, it's no wonder they play such an important part in our lives.

...and why not try some Petal Jelly or Hip Tea while you sit back and enjoy your garden.

Take some photographs of your glorious blooms, pick some flowers for a centerpiece or float some of those lovely buds in a wine glass.

Look What Was Sent In...

A Rose Flavored Ice Cream Recipe

from: Novella P., Chicago.


6 1/2 cups heavy cream

2 tsp. rose water

1/8 tsp. salt

3/4 cup granulated sugar

1/4 tsp. red food coloring...less is best!


Combine heavy cream, rose water, salt, sugar and food coloring.

Mix thoroughly.

Freeze using your home Ice Cream Maker.

Makes 1/2 gallon


A Spray of Red Roses
Beautiful Pink Tea Rose

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And this could be interesting: With over 15,000 varieties of orchids it would seem impossible for a novice gardener to decide where to start. There are, however, three orchids that require a minimum of orchid care which are recommended for the beginner. These include the Cattleya, the Cymbidium, and the Dendrobrium. The Cattleya, named after William Cattley was first grown in the UK in 1815 and arrived in the U.S. in the early Twentieth Century. The Cymbidiu

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